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Computer Setup



Got a new computer? Fantastic! Before you start to use your PC for the first time you needs to setup it. A few simple activities when you first fire it up help it be safer, faster, and better poised for the future. We can assist you and do your computer set up and transfer the data from the old one, ensuring that your system works properly and that all your files are secure and accessible on your new machine.

Computer Health Check



Routine maintenance is essential for your computer or laptop, because it is fact that so many things can go wrong with your PC like everything in life. Each and every laptop or computer requires a check-up one or more times annually. The best comparison would be to consider it like being an MOT for a car. To avoid any major problems, before it is too late and real bad situations occur, you should check it on a regular basis. We offer the health check services to help the user that does not know how to update the operating system, deal with error messages, clean up temp files and etc... If you just want to use your PC but have no knowledge about computers operational system, the best solution for you is get help from a qualified professional to run your PC health check. We can give you a big Hand!

Computer System Reset



The computer system reset is effective way to bring your computer to the system factory default settings. In this case you will have your operating system as it was originally. There is need to buy straight away a new PC or MAC, your problem may have an easy fix. If you are dealing with a slow or error-ridden PC or even MAC, we can check it and bring solution. Most of us have experienced the frustration of using a slow computer at some point. We’ve all been there: waiting forever to open files, mysterious error messages popping up, not to mention the agonizing boot times. If you experience that maybe you need to reset the system or simply reinstall the operating system. There is no need to be upset with all those problems anymore, just talk to us we can sort it out for you!

Virus Removal



If your computer is infected with a virus or you're are not sure if the problem is virus, the best and safe way for you is get help from a specialist to avoid compromise the functioning and security of your computer. The common problems caused by virus are pop-ups on the screen, web browser going to pages that you didn’t ask it to, performing slowly and etc. Let us clear this up for you and check that the system stays safe.

Hardware Upgrade and Repair



When we refer to an upgrade for the hardware, we mean adding a new hardware in a computer that improves its performance. When you do a hardware upgrade, you could replace your typical hard disk drive in a computer with SSD and get a huge boost performance or upgrade the RAM to make it run smoothly. There are a lot of benefits when you do those upgrades such as performance and capacity increase. We offer a large range of upgrade and repair services, from basics upgrades such HDD, SSD, memory RAM, motherboard & graphic card (Desktop Only) to a short circuit and liquid damage motherboard (Notebook and MacBook). Also we repair power & audio jacks, replace LCD & LED Screens, keyboards and Mouse Pads. If your desktop, notebook, iMac or MacBook fault or not working at all, contact us for a free consultation.

Data Recovery



Data Recovery is the process to save the files from damage, failed or corrupted storage disks. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system. The most common data recovery involves an operating system failure, accidental damage etc or a disk-level failure, such as a compromised file system or disk partition and the other problem can be files been deleted from a storage. Our data recovery services can retrieve your data files if they have not been written over and the storage device continues to be intact. Even though you can’t gain access to operating system, there’s however a possibility you are able to retrieve your computer data. The most effective retrieval software program can recover data from damaged sectors, USB drives, erased partitions and alternative physic damaged hard disk drives. It may possibly retrieve any data file, such as images and documents. Contact us immediately if you have experienced a storage media failure. Multiple attempts to extract the data without professional data recovery services may lead to irretrievable data.

Data Backup



It is very important to understand what is backup and how important do it to avoid future problems and loss. In IT, backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Backups have two distinct purposes. The primary purpose is to recover data after loss, be it by data deflection or corruption. The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time. We can help you backup your important documents, pictures and videos. We can assist you how to efficiently copy data to local storage like a USB hard disk and remote storage like Dropbox & Google Drive. There are many different backup strategies, which can give you a peace of mind. We also help you in automatic backup apps such Acronis (Windows) and Time Machine (Mac OS).

Wireless Solutions



Having problems getting all your “Devices” connected to your router or in some rooms you have no internet access at all? Wireless connectivity, especially in larger buildings, can be quiet difficult to works properly. We can visit your home and investigate the root causes of wireless “dead zones” and help you with clever gadgets to maximize connectivity and speed.

Tablets & Smartphones



Technology has become a vital aspect of our lives. Nowadays, almost everybody has a smart-phone and tablet (at least). This proves how much technology has advanced in the last decade. Smartphones actually put the world in your hands with accessory to fit your life and the Tablets brings entertainment to life with exciting features. Need help with your tablet or smartphone? Struggling to get your email on your iPhone? Can’t get updates for your Android or iPhone? We can quickly find out what needs to be done and efficiently solve the problem. We can help you with setting up your Dropbox, iCloud & Google Play account, sync your contacts & calendar, automatically backup your data and much more. Just tell us your needs and we bring the solution.

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